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2024 Dem primary polls are flashing warning signs about Biden's re-election campaign



Houston Keene
Wed, May 3, 2023 at 9:10 AM MDT·6 min read

FIRST ON FOX: President Biden's re-election campaign is facing flashing warning signs from the 2024 Democratic primary polls, according to political strategists.

In the political world, polling signals can range from a green light to a Chili’s fire alarm, and the early 2024 Democratic presidential primary polls are looking like the latter for President Biden's re-election campaign.

Biden is bleeding blue support to his party rivals going into the 2024 presidential race after primary challengers Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Marianne Williamson entered the race.

It's early in the game; they could still make Brandon step down and the DEMS are not about to give up their power. 

   I know hellary figures into 24 somehow.  She's been in Rehab for 6 years.

If this poll
is accurate, it looks like the Democrats have the same problem as we do


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