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Exorcist reveals signs of demonic possession


Exorcist reveals signs of demonic possession

By Jeffrey Clark, Fox News
April 28, 2023

Fr. Vincent Lampert — a Catholic priest and the designated exorcist for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis — has witnessed people “foaming at the mouth, growling and snarling” during one of many exorcisms throughout his career.

Exorcism is an ancient rite in the Catholic Church, that is, “at its core,” Fr. Lampert said, “a prayer directed to God or directed against demons.”

That prayer has the power of “commanding” a demon to depart the body of a human “based on the power and the authority of Christ,” Fr. Lampert explained.

“An exorcism really is a command to the demon to reveal itself. And then once the demon reveals itself, the battle against it will begin,” he said.

That battle can take many forms. Fr. Lampert said that he has “seen everything from levitation of the body,” to someone “drop to the ground and begin to slither like a snake across the floor.”

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