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The RFK Jr. Potential for Political Disruption



The RFK Jr. Potential for Political Disruption
By Jeffrey A. Tucker
April 20, 2023

It was my pleasure to attend the enormous gathering in Boston in which Robert Kennedy Jr., announced his candidacy for president, thus challenging President Joe Biden in the primaries. Kennedy is already polling at 14 percent among voters who supported Biden in 2020. There seems to be real potential here for something dramatic.

The major media reaction to the announcement was, of course, to trash him, forever describing him as nothing but an anti-vaxxer, which is a way of dismissing everything about him. One suspects that he won’t be so easily swept aside with epithets. It didn’t work when they tried that with Trump, and it might not work this time either.

What I heard and experienced instead was an intelligent, sweeping, clear-headed, passionate, and moving political speech that electrified the several thousand people gathered there.

He spoke for 90 minutes without a note or a teleprompter. It was entirely extemporaneous, and he covered four main areas of focus: the environment, public health, lockdowns, and the war in Ukraine. He never mentioned vaccines by name but did talk about the crisis of chronic disease in this country and the political power of the pharmaceutical industry.

I’m quite certain that I’ve never heard a more erudite speech in any political context. He was supremely confident on stage, and his command of facts, history, and issues put everyone at ease. He made it clear from the beginning that his motivation was simply truth-telling in an age of nonstop lies by the media and government.
The tone and the ethos in the room were established long before the curtains opened by the musical choice of the organizer. It was a brass band performing American classics with outstanding arrangements. It was beautiful and inspiring. And I couldn’t help but think of the contrast with politics as usual with blaring rock and country music. And the band fired up again at the end of his speech with “Stars and Stripes Forever” by John Philip Sousa. The entire ethos was about recalling who we are.

Indeed, I would estimate that perhaps one-third of Kennedy’s speech was spent talking about American history. He retold the story of Paul Revere and his midnight ride to warn colonists about the coming of British soldiers. He provided an outstanding overview of the Boston Tea Party and how it was a protest against a corrupt insider deal between the British Crown and The East India Tea Co., an early example of government/business partnership. He spoke about President Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address on the military/industrial complex.

And he reviewed his uncle’s handling of the Bay of Pigs crisis and how then-President John F. Kennedy rejected the advice of CIA-controlled advisers. Finally, a long story about the death of his father, Robert Kennedy, and the funeral procession brought tears to the eyes of the people there.

As I listened to this history, I had a sudden realization. This deep and inspiring history of our country has been buried to us by having been taken out of the curriculum in school and otherwise blotted out by media and internet frenzy. This generation has been robbed of this historical understanding. RFK Jr. is determined to bring it back so that we can root ourselves in an understanding of what this country is all about. A people who have a historical understanding of the nation’s history is far less easy to manipulate.
I’m sure that I have my differences with Kennedy on some issues, and probably everyone there could say the same. But these are truly emergency times that call for courageous people to step up to save this country and rally around truths on which we can all agree.

Hardly anyone I know holds exactly the same political and ideological outlook today compared with five years ago. The reality of lockdowns and the tremendous social and cultural meltdown that has followed has shifted many perspectives. I could write an entire article on my own shifts. I had no idea, for example, of the raw political power of big tech and big pharma and what a massive threat it represents to rights, liberties, and constitutional government. And on these topics, Kennedy has a greater understanding than any public figure today.

There are obviously many details that need to be sorted out. Still, his entry into the race has the potential to be paradigm-shattering and provide real hope that there could be a way out of the disaster in which the nation finds itself today.

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He could quickly become the frontrunner should Biden fall. And I see Biden falling.


--- Quote from: bigheadfred on April 26, 2023, 11:04:16 pm ---He could quickly become the frontrunner should Biden fall. And I see Biden falling.

--- End quote ---

Yes, but I believe that the DEM party already has their dream ticket picked out to oppose Trump and it sure as heck isn't Brandon and Cackles.

Just my opinion.


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