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Darwin Cultists cannot debate science. No, they always thump the Bible, bringing it into every discussion of their Cult's follies. Their king, Richard Dawkins, has propounded alphabeticization to "explain" the magic and majesty of "selection." It goes like this: "A>B>C>D". Sometimes when Dawkins gets extremely sophisticated, he throws in another letter. How profoundly explanatory that is toward understanding the mechanisms of naturalistic protein synthesis.

IF in fact the Folly were correct that the fittest survive and beat out their predecessors, how could there continue to be viruses and bacteria and insects and snakes and lizards, when their fossils are virtually identical to today's living creatures?

A is still here.
B is still here.
C is still here.
D is still here.
Darwin's Cultists are still here.
Small ponies are still here and did not "evolve" into Clydesdales, nor chihuahuas into great danes.


“My attempts to demonstrate evolution by an experiment carried on for more than 40 years have completely failed…..It is not even possible to make a caricature of an evolution out of paleobiological facts…The idea of an evolution rests on pure belief.”(Dr. Nils Herbert-Nilsson, noted Swedish botanist and geneticist, of Lund University)

“250,000 species of plants and animals recorded and deposited in museums throughout the world did not support the gradual unfolding hoped for by Darwin.”  (Dr. David Raup, curator of geology at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, “Conflicts Between Darwinism and Paleontology”)

“When you realize that the laws of nature must be incredibly finely tuned to produce the universe we see, that conspires to plant the idea that the universe did not just happen, but that there must be a purpose behind it.”  (John Polkinghorne, Cambridge University physicist, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)

“Many have a feeling that somehow intelligence must have been involved in the laws of the universe.”  (Charles Townes, 1964 Nobel Prize winner in Physics, “Science Finds God,” Newsweek, 20 July, 1998)



What *I* want to know is "How many angels can break dance on the point of a pin?"


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