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What is the House of the Rising Sun? ~ Video


What is the House of the Rising Sun?

   Put your favorite cover of this song here.  Here's mine.

Roxy Perry - House Of The Rising Sun

I don't have the patience to  listen to that long,windy BS explanation.

"The House of the Rising Sun" was a pop song based on the Japanese Imperial Family because that IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY,that was the name of their "House".

A "House" in this context means it is the equivalent of a Clan or a group of people who are dedicated to being followers of the clan leader as well as related to the Royal Family in some way.

It is also a religious thing,akin to the Catholic Church for Italians.

Of course,the Japanese and other Asians have and always have had a different outlook on morality than westerners,and this is maybe most evident when it comes to sex. They see sex as a natural desire and activity,and nothing to be ashamed of. I will even go so far as to say that in at least some Japanese families I knew in the 60's,they were even proud of having a daughter who was a "Business girl".

Of course,in the song,"The House of the Rising Sun" is a whorehouse in New Orleans and the title was probably chosen because it was mysterious as well as sexy sounding,and the women are called Whores in the US,not "business girls".

Long video that could of started and ended with "It is impossible to pinpoint the artist or exact lyrics".... To me the video was just a time sink. That said, the attempted Old English section chase with two songs mentioned didn't bother to provide audio samples to help us confirm anything... grrrr (why even mention possible sources and not give a sample).

The first version in print (1925 I think it said)... was a warning not to follow a "rounder" (a dissolute person or drunkard, a petty criminal or drunken ne’er-do-well.)... Lyrics Paraphrased: .... Listened to my mother, I was young/poor/foolish... let a rounder lead astray...wants to be the rounder's wife even though she knows he is no good.... asks mother to warn her sister not to follow in her footsteps....

Almost like some advice out of Psalms by King Solomon. 

I did search my hard drive to see if I had a version and was surprised I didn't... Over the years I have heard a few, but I found none of them memorable enough to save. Not that I hated the song, just I didn't have it grab me either.


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