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Trump Bashes DeSantis, Says Florida 'Continues to Tumble Into Complete and Total...Destruction

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--- Quote from: Free Vulcan on April 22, 2023, 11:54:26 am ---Narratives of sweeping generalities and cherry picked facts.

Sounds like the propaganda tactics of the Rats.

--- End quote ---

Well, technically he still is.

Cyber Liberty:
So Trump is using Democrat talking points to smear DeSantis.  Color me surprised.

cato potatoe:

Donald spotted at the beach today


--- Quote ---Throughout the pandemic conservatives (and even disaffected Democrats and independents) vacationed in and moved to the “Free State of Florida” in record numbers, attracted to relatively affordable housing and, well, freedom.
--- End quote ---

Really? During the pandemic?

--- Quote ---Alex Bruesewitz

Florida population growth year over year since the year 2000.

As you can tell by the data, DeSantis is nothing special.

Florida has been growing & trending red for decades.

11:02 AM · Apr 22, 2023
--- End quote ---

Really?  Affordable Housing?

Friendly reminder:. Florida hasn't elected a democrat governor since 1994. (Came *damn* close in 2018 though)


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