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Obama Turns Back on Burlingame; Beamer Nails Prez for Narcissism


Obama Turns Back on Burlingame; Beamer Nails Prez for Narcissism
May 6, 2011


RUSH: Debra Burlingame lost her brother on 9/11.  He was a pilot of the jet that crashed into the Pentagon, Chic Burlingame.  Yesterday afternoon on the Fox News Channel America live, Martha MacCallum filling in for the newly birthed Megyn Kelly is talking out there to Debra Burlingame 'cause she was part of the 9/11 families that met with Pharaoh Obama.  And Martha MacCallum said, "You have had very major differences with the [regime] over so many of these issues.  Did you take this opportunity to speak to President Obama about that?  Did you have one on one time with him?"

BURLINGAME:  I told him that I was aware that Eric Holder was still pursuing possible criminal charges against the CIA interrogators, the very interrogators who got the information in enhanced interrogations from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Abdul al-Libi.  As a former attorney, I know that you can't tell the attorney general what to do.  He said, "No, I can't."  And I said, "But that shouldn't stop you from offering your opinion.  After all, we wouldn't be here celebrating today if they hadn't done their job.  Can't you at least give 'em your opinion?" And he said, "No, I won't," and he turned around and walked away.

RUSH:  Turned around and walked away.  Turned his back on Debra Burlingame, brother of Chic Burlingame, pilot of the plane that hit the Pentagon.  Nope, I won't.  And then David Beamer, this the father of Todd Beamer.  He was also on with Martha MacCallum, sitting in for the newly birthed Megyn Kelly on Fox.  She said, "What's your response to how they're handling things now with the 9/11 families?"

BEAMER:  The excessive use of the personal pronoun that he used in his remarks, I really felt that was the beginning of the commander-in-chief putting too much spotlight on himself, taking too much credit for what these remarkable Americans had done.  And of course it's only now been accelerated to a greater degree in the media.  It's being hailed as one of the greatest wartime decisions, bold and gutsy, and, quite frankly, under the facts and circumstances, I think it was anything but that.

RUSH:  Right on.

BEAMER:  I think this decision had an inexorable conclusion.  As the information unfolded were straightforward and easy and really had no other choice.

RUSH:  That's exactly right.  David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, "Let's roll."  He had no choice, and we said this yesterday.  Hundreds, if not thousands of people knew that Osama was in that mansion.  They knew he was there.  We had 40 CIA agents on the ground, as it's turned out, over there in Abbottabad running interference, intel and all that.  If he had passed on this opportunity, there would have been hell to pay. 



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