Author Topic: China says it 'hopes and believes' Germany will support its 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan  (Read 448 times)

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China says it 'hopes and believes' Germany will support its 'peaceful reunification' with Taiwan

A Chinese government diplomat expressed hope that Germany will support its takeover of Taiwan.

Wang Yi, China's top diplomat, made the comments in a statement shared by the Chinese foreign ministry on Saturday, stating that he "hopes and believes" the European country will support its "peaceful reunification" with Taiwan.

During a meeting with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock in China, Wang said that China once supported the reunification of Germany.

"To maintain stability in the Taiwan Strait, it is necessary to firmly oppose separatist activities related to 'Taiwan independence'," Wang said.

Wang added that Taiwan's "return to China" was an important part of the post-World War II international order.

Baerbock said on Friday that any attempt from China to gain control of Taiwan would come with serious repercussions for Europe.

"A military escalation in the Taiwan Strait, through which ... 50% of world trade goes every day, would be a horror scenario for the entire world," said Baerbock.............
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