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Left Enthralled with Hero Obama


Left Enthralled with Hero Obama
May 5, 2011


RUSH: Get this.  Folks, I kid you not.  I'm doing show prep today and one of the places I clicked on was one of these media watchdog sites called Mediaite.  And there's this -- I kid you not -- headline:  "Obama Planned Bin Laden Mission in Midst of Filling Out NCAA Bracket."  (laughing)  I'm sorry.  It's what it says.  Remember all the fun people made of Obama from taking time out from busy -- (interruption) Well, we did.  We weren't the only ones.  Other people raised the question, "What do you mean, you're president of the United States, there's a lot of serious stuff going on.  People are losing their homes and jobs, and you're making a big deal about bringing an ESPN crew to videotape your bracket selections for the NCAA tournament."  So now: "Obama Planned Bin Laden Mission in Midst of Filling Out NCAA Bracket."  It's by Dan Fogarty at a website called, and I got there via Mediaite. 

"Hey, remember when everyone said President Obama was wasting his time filling out an NCAA tournament bracket while the world fell apart around him? In case you need a refresher..." and they've got some video.  "Well, it turns out Obama did find time to do something meaningful in the midst of dithering away with his bracket: he started planning the midnight raid that would kill Osama bin Laden.  On March 15th, ESPN and its camera crew came to the White House to film a segment in which the President revealed his NCAA tournament picks. According to this New York Times report, Obama met with his national security team the day before to discuss the bin Laden mission."
So he actually took time out from planning the Bin Laden mission to make his picks, his brackets.  Yeah, they were wrong.  I read this and thought this has gotta be The Onion.  This has to be ScrappleFace.  It's gotta be a Saturday Night Live script that's leaked out.  But, no, they're dead serious.  (laughing)  Well, the golf course, too. He took time-out from playing golf and his brackets to plan the mission.  In fact, he's probably planning the mission on the tee box.  Very gutsy.  I mean all of this is gutsy.

Now, here's a question, a question worth pondering.  Do you think it's telling that Obama flew to New York to give New Yorkers their moment but couldn't take an hour to drive across the Potomac to honor those in the Pentagon?  I mean maybe he's going to.  But he hasn't gone to the Pentagon yet.  He did fly to New York today to give them their moment of justice.  Only Obama can do this.  Now, speaking of this, just 50 selected 9/11 families were invited to the Ground Zero ceremonies where Obama could give them justice.  Obama is finally bringing justice to New York.  Only 50 selected 9/11 families were invited.  You have to wonder, how were these 50 selected?  What was that procedure?  And one selected family that was invited isn't going.  They say they want proof that Bin Laden's actually been killed. 

You know what the most popular post on Mediaite is right now?  It's an article about me praising Obama for his Bin Laden mission, thanking God for Obama.  That's the number one clicked on item at Mediaite where today we learn that Obama was planning the mission while making his bracket picks.  Yeah, "Obama Giving New York its Moment of Justice on Bin Laden," by Ben Feller, AP.  Obama giving his moment of justice.  Fifty families, one family refused to go because they want proof.
Let's go to the audio sound bites.  I mentioned earlier Doris Kearns Goodwin. You might need an insulin shot or some kind of medicine to deal with insulin shock here.  She's on Morning Joe today.  That's Scarborough's show on MSNBC.  They're having a discussion about the raid to get Bin Laden, and the cohost Willie Geist said to Doris Kearns Goodwin, "You can go back to Lincoln and some of these, Doris.  His war secretary holding hands with him as they waited.  Today they get the information a little quicker."

GOODWIN:  You know, isn't that incredible, the thought that they are waiting, watching the telegraph come through, and they're gonna hear that tens of thousands of people, 5,000 people, 8,000 had died that very day. I can't even imagine what that must have felt like. So the only way that Lincoln could deal with his anxiety, the very next day he would go to the active battlefield. He said he felt the need to walk amidst the thinning ranks of the soldiers, to go visit the wounded in the hospitals, to sustain their morale. But otherwise he couldn't bear that burden of that anxiety.

RUSH:  So now here we have to reduce Lincoln in order to fit Obama's size.  We have to compare what Obama's doing here with Lincoln.  And so Mika Brzezinski said, "You say it has to change him but is there a possibility that it also changes others around him like the Republicans he's dealing with over the budget, the debt ceiling?  Those people who are working across the aisle from him, aren't they looking at a different person now?"

BRZEZINSKI:  I think they're gonna see that the public is seeing a different person.  I don't think the bounce in the poll matters that much.  What matters when you look at a leader is you make up a whole bunch of decisions about what kind of a person he is, what kind of a leader.  I think no longer in the short term can we think he's not decisive, can we think he's not willing to take a risk.  Republicans have to see that, and if they see the public seeing that --

BRZEZINSKI:  Wishy-washy, above it all --

GOODWIN:  Right, right.

BRZEZINSKI:  -- remember the narrative?

GOODWIN:  Unemotional.  Yeah. 

BRZEZINSKI:  Professorial.

GOODWIN:  Exactly, exactly.

BRZEZINSKI:  I mean they all may be there, but there's someone with a lot of nerve.

GOODWIN:  This professor had guts.

RUSH:  It's gutsy.  This professor had a guts.  One of the of criticisms was that Obama came off as very professorial, discussing theories in the faculty lounge.  But now they found a professor with guts.  They think it's gonna last forever because it does for them.  You know what they're tantamount admitting here?  They're tantamount admitting the guy was a wuss.  They are admitting that the public perception of the guy was of a wuss, of an incompetent, particularly foreign policy.  That's what they're admitting.  They're admitting that they had doubts.  They are admitting that they had questions about Obama.  They are admitting that they were uncomfortable.  So now this thing happens, and look what they're trying to make it into.  Now, cancel the 2012 election.  This is the guy we thought we were electing.  This is who we thought we were getting when we heard the guy speak in front of the paper-mache fake columns in Denver. 

So they are actually admitting that what we've always thought about Obama is correct and that they've shared the same sentiment.  Taking this action's made him a man.  It's taken him out of the faculty lounge and has made him a real guy now.  Yeah, his Mitch Rapp, he's Special Forces himself.  He's gutsy.  Obama killed Osama.  Forget the debt ceiling.  Obama killed Osama.  Forget unemployment.  Doesn't matter.  Obama killed Osama.  Forget the foreclosures.  Forget the price of gas.  Obama killed Osama.  He's Orambo now.  Barack Orambo.  That's basically what they are telling us.  The news media and the rest of the Democrat Party are finally giving President Bush the respect he deserves for his excellence foreign policy keeping the country safe by crediting Obama for it.  He's just simply using policies, tactics, strategeries that were implemented by George W. Bush.
Do you watch Morning Joe, Snerdley? Do you ever see the show? But you have seen it, right? I mean you've seen Mika Brzezinski? You know, she's the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, otherwise known as Zbig, the national security advisor for Jimmy Carter. Have you ever watched Rocky and Bullwinkle? She reminds me of Natasha. That's right. She reminds me of Natasha from Boris and Natasha, Rocky and Bullwinkle, the moose and the squirrel, the Bullwinkle show. I know Natasha was a brunette, but, you know, the quiet dignity, the good sense. (laughing)

I gotta take a break. I can't handle much more of this, folks.


RUSH:  So we've got the videotape rolling now and some of it's actually live, President Obama and his victory lap in New York City.  President Obama giving New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden.  That's an AP headline today.  Let me tell you a few things.  Who is it that actually that gave New York its moment of justice on Bin Laden?  Yeah, you can throw Obama in the mix.  He made a couple of gutsy calls out there while making his bracket picks for the NCAAs.  You can't take Dick Cheney out of this.  You can't take George W. Bush out of this.  Their policies were utilized by Obama after Obama campaign against them and appeared to be governing against them, until it came time for him to need them.  But I'll tell you who's giving New York its moment of justice today, and they're not getting their due, and that is uniformed military personnel, SEALs and their support teams. 

The warriors, folks, the same warriors who signed up, volunteered after 9/11.  The same warriors who were attacked here at home for their interrogations.  The same warriors attacked by John Kerry and John Murtha and Dick Durbin. The same CIA and intelligence services people that were attacked by the liberals after we went into Iraq, compared to people that ran the gulags in the Soviet Union and Pol Pot's operation.  Dick Durbin compared the people we celebrate today to those totalitarian, authoritarian, murderous regimes.  Those people were attacked by Obama.  They were attacked by Harry Reid, and Obama based his campaign for president on degrading these people, on degrading their mission.  It's they who brought us to this point and to this moment. 
So what do we have now?  What is this really all about, this bringing New York its moment of justice?  What this is is a save-face day for Obama.  Obama, his party, the media, this is a cover-up today.  They are in full cover-up mode.  And what makes it even worse is that they are trying to take the credit for what happened, or assign it to themselves, a place it doesn't belong.  Folks, do you realize that as we speak the attorney general of this country is still investigating the CIA interrogators who provided the intel to make this operation a success?  Well, it is infuriating, but it is nevertheless true.  As we speak the man who refused to prosecute the New Black Panthers continues investigating CIA interrogators at these black sites.  They're the ones who did the enhanced interrogation that led to the intel, the leads, the courier, all of this that took us to Bin Laden.  They are under investigation by this administration as we speak. 

Where's the outrage over that?  Where are the Republicans demanding that those interrogations and investigations be stopped?  I'll demand it, for whatever good it would do.  But I am here to tell you that what this man is doing is weakening the country, domestically, foreign policy, making it more difficult for future presidents to be in a position to do exactly what he's done here.  He's denying future presidents the same advantages that he used thanks to Bush and Cheney.  It says a lot that Bush refused to go there today, I think.  I think it says quite a bit.

RUSH: Walt in Garner Valley, California. Great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Thank you for having me, Rush. It's Big Walt from Garner Valley.

RUSH: I appreciate that.

CALLER: Hey, those pictures are gonna show up in October -- you know, for surprise -- and I want to thank all the SEALs and everybody that's in the military. They're my heroes. But for Obama, it was a tough decision and he's so brave and he's so courageous, you know, to make that decision to kill Osama -- and I don't care if they shot him in the butt as long as he's dead.

RUSH: Yeah. So you think they'll release the pictures in October before the election?

CALLER: Yes, sir, because they're gonna make the Republicans look like fools. Look at the birth certificate. It's a game he's playing. He's not as dumb as everybody thinks -- and next time you're in Palm Springs, give me a call and come up for dinner.

RUSH: All right, Walt. I'll do that.

CALLER: Have a great day.

RUSH: You can count on it. By the way, "White House officials..." Speaking of Special Ops and so forth, "White House officials..." This is from CBS; I'm just gonna read it to you verbatim. All verbatim. "White House officials tell CBS News that President Obama met yesterday in the Oval Office with Admiral William McRaven, the head of joint Special Ops command." Admiral William McRaven is the same guy Obama took time out from rehearsing for his correspondents dinner remarks to wish good luck. He was rehearsing his speech where he gonna tell Trump jokes at the White House Correspondents Dinner. He took time out from rehearsing to get on the phone to wish Admiral McRaven, the head of joint Special Ops command, good luck. That was very gutsy -- very, very gutsy -- because he had to get that speech done. If the teleprompter breaks or something you're up there, you're flying blind.

That was very, very, very, gutsy to interrupt referrals to wish the JSOC guy good luck.



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