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Trump discourages DeSantis, says candidacy would ‘only hurt’ Republican Party

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Trump obviously see DeSantis as a threat.  He keeps hounding him.

Though I want DeSantis to remain my governor, I think he's exactly what the Republican Party needs; a true conservative.

Polls have proven time and time again not to be accurate.

Trump discourages DeSantis, says candidacy would ‘only hurt’ Republican Party

Former President Trump on Monday sought to discourage Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) from officially getting into the 2024 presidential race, claiming it would ultimately divide the GOP and hurt DeSantis’s career.

“Ron DeSantis is a young man who is not doing well against me in the polls, to put it mildly,” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “I believe that if he decides to run for President, which will only hurt and somewhat divide the Republican Party, he will lose the cherished and massive MAGA vote, and never be able to successfully run for office again.”

“If he remains Governor, which is what Florida voters assumed, it would be a whole different story….JUST SAYIN’ – But who knows?” Trump added.

In a press release sent later Monday, Trump’s campaign took aim at DeSantis over whether he would support a change to Florida law that requires state lawmakers to resign if they are running for federal office.

The Trump campaign pointed to DeSantis’s decision to resign from Congress in 2018 while running for governor, suggesting it would be hypocritical for him not to do the same this time around............



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The hounding will never stop until DeSantis announces that he's not running.

Right now Trump is the one hurting the GOP.

cato potatoe:
Says the guy who makes a mockery of quite literally everything the Republicans claim to represent, and the guy who will sabotage the ticket if he loses the nomination.

Maj. Bill Martin:
Yeah, Trump's whole point about a DeSantis candidacy dividing the Republican party is pretty ironic. There is no reason that different Republicans can't run against each other in the primary without tearing each other down, and while all agreeing to support the winner. That's how primaries were conducted for decades.

The only reason there is a risk of dividing the party is Trump's refusal to do that.  He's basically a hostage taker. Either give him what he wants, or he'll kill the hostage.

If Trump is so confident he can beat DeSantis, there is no reason for him to go scorched earth and divide the party.  Make a public gentleman's agreement to support whoever wins the primary, and go into the general election with a unified Republican party.

If Trump is so certain that he's going to win the primary, why wouldn't he be willing to do that?


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