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Mark Levin: Ukraine Preventing World War III

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Mark Levin: Ukraine Preventing World War III

Conservative commentator Mark Levin praised the men and women of Ukraine for preventing World War III in a speech to the Zionist Organization of America's Florida chapter.

Russian President Vladimir Putin "planned to cut through Ukraine in a week," Levin said Sunday in a speech at the group's gala, where he receive its Zionist Hero Award.

"If you heard what he said and read what he wrote in July 2021, he made it clear that the boundaries of Poland needed to be adjusted. Why do you think Poland's pouring everything it has into Ukraine? Why do you think Romania's pouring everything it has into Ukraine? Finland — that was neutral through World War II — is pouring everything it has into Ukraine? Lithuania — pouring everything it has into Ukraine. Moldavia is sitting there — 1.5 million people — they have a police force.

"Why do you think Eastern Europe is scared to death and now Western Europe? Even the Germans are rebuilding their military. Are they warmongers too?" Levin said while receiving an award from the Zionist Organization of America on Wednesday.

"We give equipment, and we give money to the Ukrainians, and they're fighting for their survival. What are they supposed to do they when they were invaded — surrender? Roll over and play dead?"

Levin has long defended the United States' role in the war in Ukraine, saying it is similar to the support the French provided to the U.S. during the American Revolution.

In his speech Sunday, he compared Russia's invasion to World War II, saying Ukraine is fighting for its life.

"I want you to think about something. I want us to think about something. How many times have you seen those black and white films from World War II with the trains, with the buildings being blown up, being sent to camps, and how many times have you said, 'Where was the world?'

"What the hell do you think the Ukrainians are thinking when tens of thousands of their children are being trained from Ukraine into Russia, never to be seen again?..............

He makes some valid points, but how much more money do we keep throwing at Ukraine?? Biden and others are profiting.

What is finally going to put an end to this war that has been on going for quite some time? 

Levin hasn't met a war he hasn't embraced.  He should stick to talking about the Constitution.


--- Quote from: Right_in_Virginia on April 01, 2023, 08:32:43 pm ---Levin hasn't met a war he hasn't embraced.  He should stick to talking about the Constitution.

--- End quote ---

I tend to agree. 

Maj. Bill Martin:
I think he's absolutely correct, and I'll say again that the "bang for the buck" we're getting for this level of military support is the biggest bargain we've ever gotten for war materials.  The DoD spends $800B each year, not a penny of which actually degrades the military capabilities of our geopolitical foes.  The Ukrainians are ripping the guts out of the Russian military at a bargain-basement price.

Worth noting that our support for Ukraine has helped add the very capable Finnish military to NATO.  So not only have we weakened an adversary, but we've gained a good military ally.

I look at it this way --  If we were asked if we'd trade $100B in total aid for knocking out the majority of Russia's first-line tanks, decimating their APC/AFV fleet, sinking 12 ships including the flagship of their Black Sea Fleet, reducing their front-line artillery tubes by at least 1/3, knocking out at least 70 Russian combat aircraft, and dramatically reducing their reserves of ammunition and other military supplies without it costing the life of a single U.S. soldier, we'd have been fools not to have signed that offer before the ink dried.


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