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Florida OKs bill to carry concealed guns without a permit


Florida OKs bill to carry concealed guns without a permit

Floridians will be able to carry concealed guns without a permit under a bill the Legislature sent to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday. The governor said at a suburban Atlanta gun store that he will sign the bill.

The Senate passed the bill on a 27-13 vote. It will allow anyone who can legally own a gun in Florida to carry one without a permit. It means training and a background check will not be needed for people to carry concealed guns in public.

“You don’t need a permission slip from the government to be able to exercise your Second Amendment rights,” DeSantis said to cheers at the Smyrna, Georgia, gun store that is often a location for GOP campaign events. “And as of right now there’s 25 states, so half the states, that allow that. Well in Florida, next week, we’re going to make it 26.”

The arguments over the legislation were divided on political lines, with Republicans saying law-abiding citizens have a right to carry guns and protect themselves and Democrats saying a state that has seen horrific mass shootings such as the Parkland high school and Pulse nightclub massacres will become even more dangerous.

“The second amendment of the Constitution gives its people the right to keep and bear arms. It doesn’t say if you have a permit; it doesn’t say if you’ve gone through training; it doesn’t say if you’ve done a background check,” Republican Sen. Jim Boyd said. “Bad guys are going to get guns one way or the other, and evil people are going to do bad things with guns.”.......


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