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WATCH: Ric Grenell Calls on GOP Candidates to Drop Out, Endorse Trump After Indictment

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Maj. Bill Martin:

--- Quote from: Right_in_Virginia on April 04, 2023, 05:56:22 am ---You have the right to turn the Marxists's strategy into an opportunity to shit on a man you so clearly dislike....
--- End quote ---

At least attempt to be honest - I didn't need any "opportunity" because I was shittting on Donald Trump before this indictment because of policies he has advanced and statements he has made wholly separate from this prosecution.  You know, the kind of issues on which the nominations should be decided.

I also have said that this is a corrupt, politicized prosecution.

--- Quote ---and distort my opinions as part of your efforts.  Or, you can stand with Trump alongside tens of millions of American patriots and fight to take back this country

--- End quote ---

It's incredibly ironic that you double down on the exact argument I say you are making while denying that you are making that argument.  You are very clearly asserting that other Republicans have an obligation to rally around Donald Trump as a candidate because of this prosecution.  And that is bogus. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong, or remotely inconsistent, with continuing to criticize and oppose Donald Trump as a candidate, while simultaneously opposing this politicized prosecution.  Certainly, neither Trump nor his supporters are going to stop condemning and criticizing other Republicans.

I will say one thing in defense of Donald Trump that I don't believe has gotten enough attention. When so many of his (pejorative deleted) supporters were screaming "lock her up" about Hillary Clinton both pre and post election in 2016, Trump actually pulled back from that idea and did not support that prosecution.  Whether he did it as a matter of principal to avoid the appearance of politicized prosecution, or simply because he was friends with the Clintons, doesn't matter. He did the right thing then, which makes it even worse what Democrats are trying to do to him now.

Of course, no similar credit goes to his supporters who were engaging in those chants in the first place.


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