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VIDEO: Lee Zeldin Brings SHAME PAIN to Jake Tapper's Face Over Trump Indictment



--- Quote ---Shame Pain. It is the pain that breaks out on a face trying to suppress the SHAME someone feels. Such was the case when Jake Tapper heard former New York Congressman Lee Zeldin explain that over the top biased prosecutor Alvin Bragg is NOT the person to bring about the indictment of President Donald Trump over laughably flimsy charges. Basically massaging an expired misdemeanor into a felony. It is the pain of knowing that the FIRST time a former President (and current candidate) has been indicted, it was at the hands of a prosecutor who has a reputation of avoiding prosecuting violent crimes in favor of pushing the indictment (which he campaigned on) on absurd grounds. No, Jake Tapper is definitely NOT a fan of President Trump but as you can see on his face, even he knows the absurdity of this situation to the extent that he didn't challenge Lee Zeldin as he pointed out just how flawed Alvin Bragg is and why he is definitely NOT the one to bring an indictment of a president for a misdemeanor that has been massaged into an out of date felony.
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