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March 31, 2023
George Soros-funded DAs, AGs and secretaries of state were not chosen for their intellectual firepower but for their loyalty
By Patricia McCarthy

George Soros has for decades sought to destroy America as founded.  Jewish by birth but a Nazi by choice, it is not hyperbolic to call him a devil incarnate. He is perhaps the most purely evil human who has used his vast wealth solely for malevolent purposes.  His antipathy for the United States is pathological and he has spent his billions on countless projects to bring this nation to its knees. 

Like any and every Marxist, he advocates for chaos. The man is Faust’s Mephistopheles, Satan, and Lucifer all rolled into a one-man wicked wrecking ball who should have been stopped decades ago.  Now he has installed carefully chosen serfs for all the wrong reasons, numerous DAs, AGs, and Secretaries of State throughout the country to do his bidding – to effect Cloward and PIven!  DAs like Alvin Bragg got their orders from Soros’ headquarters with the $1.1m Soros funneled to install him in office.   Soros does not spend his money on smart people. He spends on people he can depend upon to do what he tells them to do:  Get Trump.  See Alan Dershowitz’s book.

Bragg, elected in 2021, has been a disaster for Manhattan.  He refuses to seek bail or sentences for violent criminals – armed robbery, drug dealing, violent attacks on innocent civilians and burglary.  Nine of the prosecutors  in the Manhattan office quit when he announced his pro-criminal agenda.  He was installed for one reason, one reason only, to facilitate crime and to take down Donald Trump.  I hope that, along with all the other Soros-installed DAs, he will go down in flames when his pro-criminal, anti-Americanism becomes clear.  How did he even pass the bar?  Has he even read the Constitution?
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