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VIDEO: ActBlue Liberals Are About to Have Their World DESTROYED



--- Quote ---It has already hit the fan for ActBlue thanks to the new O'Keefe Media Group which revealed a MASSIVE money laundering operation by that organization. As a result ActBlue liberals are about to have their world DESTROYED. In fact, as you can see, the Maryland Administrator of Elections has already had her world DESTROYED. The only people who might now be more depressed than the ActBlue liberals are the Project Veritas Board of Directors who stabbed James O'Keefe in the back only to see him come roaring back in an incredible groundbreaking story to essentially make Act Blue Acorn II.
--- End quote ---

Free Vulcan:
Knew it! The Rats keep playing this 'small donations' crap, and there simply aren't enough donors to raise those kind of funds. They had to be laundering illegal money somehow.


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