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Pence Tests Iowa Waters Ahead of 2024 Decision

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Pence Tests Iowa Waters Ahead of 2024 Decision
March 30, 2023
By Philip Wegmann
--- Quote ---CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa—At the country club here, where brown winter grass next to the tennis courts hasn’t yet given way to green, Mike Pence speaks at a luncheon, trying to convey the seriousness of the current moment, defending past conservative accomplishments, and hinting all the while that more success is possible if only voters would return him to the White House. Just in the Oval Office this time. ...

Pence traveled to the state Wednesday and made three stops to convey different iterations of the same message. “It has never been more important for Iowa to choose the right leadership of the Republican Party,” he said, “to lead us out of the failed policies of the Biden-Harris administration.”

The Cedar Rapids crowd welcomes that sentiment. At times his microphone still cuts in and out, a metaphor, perhaps, for a larger unanswered question. Will Republican voters prefer an old talk radio host, a measured conservative who described himself in the 1990s as “Rush Limbaugh on decaf,” to fully caffeinated populists in the 2024 GOP presidential primary field – one in particular? ...

As Pence sees it, Republicans want a candidate with “conservative convictions and a willingness to fight for those convictions.” What Pence has heard from those voters after leaving the White House “is a genuine desire to see leadership at the highest level in this country that returns to a threshold of respect and civility which characterized our national politics not so long ago.” ...
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Good luck with that one, Mr. Pence.

Smokin Joe:

Free Vulcan:
He'll get little traction. Hanging out at the country club is not a way to get more in Iowa.


Man ought to be given a statue in front of  the Milquetoast Hall of Fame if they had one.

I'll be kind and just leave it at that.


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