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BREAKING: Barge With 1400 Tons of Toxic Chemicals Partially Submerged In Ohio River Near Major City


Free Vulcan:

A barge carrying 1,400 tons of toxic methanol is among those that crashed on the Ohio River near Louisville, Kentucky, on Tuesday, and is partially submerged.

Emergency crews responded after 10 barges broke free form a tugboat on the Ohio River.

According to NPR: Emergency teams are working to secure 10 barges that broke loose from a tugboat on the Ohio River along the waterfront in Louisville, Ky., including a barge carrying some 1,400 metric tons of methanol that is partially submerged. It’s one of three wayward barges that have wedged themselves next to a dam near a power station.

“There is currently zero evidence of a tank breach or any leaks, and air and water monitoring resources are in place,” Louisville Metro Emergency Services said. It added, “There is currently no impact to Louisville Water’s water intake or water quality.”


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