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Kentucky Lawmakers Override Veto to Pass Sweeping Anti-Trans Legislation


Kentucky Lawmakers Override Veto to Pass Sweeping Anti-Trans Legislation

By Ben Kew
March 30, 2023

Kentucky lawmakers overrode the veto of the Democratic governor on Wednesday on a sweeping bill banning transgender surgery on minors and restricting their access to bathrooms of the opposite sex.

On the penultimate day of this year’s legislative session, GOP lawmakers, who hold supermajorities in both chambers, overwhelmingly voted to override the veto of Governor Andy Beshear. The Senate voted 29-8 in favor of overriding the veto, followed by the House with a 76-23 vote shortly after.

The vote led to a protest within the state Capitol as emotions ran high among trans activists. According to Kentucky State Police spokesperson Capt. Paul Blanton, 19 individuals were charged with third-degree criminal trespassing after the sergeant of arms sought assistance restoring order. Officers provided each individual the option to leave without enforcement or face arrest.

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“I think it’s unfortunate that it reached that level and certainly they were given, as I’ve been told since then, multiple opportunities to either quiet their chants or to leave voluntarily,” Republican House Speaker David Osborne said later.

The bill’s sponsor, State Senator Max Wise, described the legislation as part of an effort “to strengthen parental engagement and communication in children’s education while protecting the safety of our children.”

However, the bill’s Democratic opponents framed it as a civil rights issue, with Democratic Rep. Pamela Stevenson calling it the creation of an “environment of hate.”

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Good for Kentucky.

Good on the legislature for ramming that through.

Probably won't get any help from the state executive branch for enforcement, considering the current governor.


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