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VIDEO: Meds Explain What You Need to Know About this Liberal Nutcase



--- Quote ---Just Plain NUTS!!!

Those three words explain pretty much all of what you need to know about most liberals. As if to confirm this, the smug liberal who got a sad reality check after gloating over the Alvin Bragg grand jury that STILL has not led to the indictment of President Donald Trump as she promised has admitted to her heavy use of meds. To keep things in perspective we can watch her again smugly gloating about a J6 subpoena interspersed with her meds confessions. Very heavy meds.

Oh, and when the smug gloating liberal finds out that the J6 subpoena she is referring to is NOT "wrapped up real quick" she is going to have to significantly increase her meds dosage. Of course that still won't help with what really ails her. For that she needs an exorcist.
--- End quote ---


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