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Wisconsin Supreme Court Candidate Accused of Racial Slurs/Elder Abuse


Free Vulcan:

In the Wisconsin Supreme Court race, a race dubbed the “most important” in America this year by the New York Times, huge scandals dogging one of the candidates — liberal ideologue Janet Protasiewicz — are going largely unreported in the mainstream media.

The race culminates with the April 4 election and will decide whether the majority on the Supreme Court in the Badger State will be liberal or conservative. Wisconsin is one of the states where abortion became illegal when Roe v. Wade was overturned last summer, and left-wing forces are desperate to gain a majority for upcoming cases expected to challenge the state’s abortion law.

Conservative website Wisconsin Right Now broke the story last week but, thus far, media outlets who have been reporting nationally on the race have been loath to report on the story.

Two people who know Protasiewicz — her former stepson and a self-described liberal friend of Protasiewicz’s ex-husband — have come forward with explosive allegations that the candidate used the “N-word” to refer to black litigants while she was a prosecutor in Milwaukee County.

She's a lib/prog, so of course she'll get a pass.


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