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Media mockery of prayer, 'subtle smears' against Christianity marks coverage of Nashville massacre


Published March 29, 2023 4:00am EDT
Media mockery of prayer, 'subtle smears' against Christianity marks coverage of Nashville massacre
One faith leader said our nation must 'address the moral decay and brokenness plaguing our culture'
By Kendall Tietz | Fox News

Pastors and conservative leaders weighed in on reaction by journalists and entertainers who have mocked prayer and brought attention to Tennessee's drag show ban amid the Christian elementary school massacre that took six lives Monday.

As the nation grapples with the murders of three adults and three children at the Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, faith leaders responded to the criticism by journalists, commentators, entertainers and activists who have mocked prayer and blamed conservatives for outlawing drag shows for kids and not guns.

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins reiterated that people should still turn to prayer as a way to combat the "spiritual battle" that "is raging for our country and our culture" which "is targeting our children."

"We must return to the only lasting source of hope and freedom – the Lord Jesus Christ," he added. "The Church must stand uncompromisingly upon the truth of God’s word, which is the source of hope and freedom. Nothing Washington is doing will matter until we acknowledge and address the moral decay and brokenness plaguing our culture."


School Shootings and the Mockery of Thoughts and Prayers: A Christian Response
By Natasha Crain / March 29, 2023
--- Quote ---In response to the latest tragic school shooting, social media is on a warpath against anyone who dares to offer “thoughts and prayers” for the situation. As a few examples:

David Pakman, a progressive talk show host, wrote on Twitter, “Very surprising that there would be a mass shooting at a Christian school, given that lack of prayer is often blamed for these horrible events. Is it possible they weren’t praying enough, or correctly, despite being a Christian school?” (The tweet has since been deleted.)

Investigative journalist Brian Krassenstein tweeted, “Your ‘thoughts and prayers’ aren’t working. Praying only works if you make the changes to help.” ...

Scrolling through waves of social media posts like these, I can’t help but wonder how many people who make such comments understand the Christian worldview and the role of prayer within it. The online commentary often reflects a serious misunderstanding of what Christians believe. In this article, I want to clarify the Christian view for both Christians and non-Christians.

Let’s start here: The phrase “thoughts and prayers” lumps two completely different things together. ...

Christians don’t pray expecting God to rid the world of free will.

Christians believe God created humans with the ability to make morally significant choices. We can use that free will to do good or to do evil. If God had chosen to create us without free will, we would simply be robots. Given this nature of our world, it doesn’t make sense that God would choose to eliminate school shootings specifically—through prayer or anything else.  ...
--- End quote ---
Read entire essay at Natasha

Brian Krassenstein is not an "investigative journalist," he is a professional Twitter troll whom Elon Musk purposely let back on the platform (after he was busted manipulating it and banned before Musk bought it, one of the few lefties to get the zot there).


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