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This Thread Brought To You By The Letter T:

(Thank you, Polly Ticks)

In Case You Missed It Dept.:

The worst golf foursome in history is Stormy, OJ, Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Stormy is a hooker, OJ is a slicer, Teddy can't drive over water and Bill Clinton can't remember which hole he played last.

Even though I am a conservative male, I'll admit it takes balls to admit you're a transgender woman.

Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by federal regulators Fridays after depositors pulled forty-two billion dollars out of the bank in one day. It spooked even Big Bank customers like me. Yesterday I went to the ATM for a hundred bucks and it said insufficient funds, and I wondered if it was them or me.

GOP Senate Leader Mitch McConnell received a nice note from President Biden in the hospital in Lexington Thursday wishing him a speedy recovery after his third recent fall. The mishap left the senator and the president tied at three apiece. It's the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hair Plugs.

The House Oversight Committee on Wednesday heard testimony from former CDC Director Robert Redfield. He said Covid came from the Wuhan lab, financed by our own NIH, funded to China from Fauci. Not that anyone's keeping score, but the conspiracy theorists are now leading 42-0.

I'm impressed by the brilliant young GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy. Every time I say his name my coffee table levitates.

The next James Bond will be made to placate the woke brigade. In it Bond transgenders to a woman. The movie is called Cocktopussy.

Biden asked why they woke him up early today and they told him it was Daylight Savings. He said, "Not another bank failure!"

I'm sad after watching Signature Bank videos. I walked in my B of A lobby and started singing & dancing & nobody joined in.

The Academy Awards aired Sunday from Hollywood's Dolby Theater and subjected TV viewers to the word diversity, which was mentioned twenty-seven times from the podium. But thirteen of those times may have been the celebrities referring to their educations. Such as, I went to Diversity of Chicago.

Fox News reported on a nationwide poll of Republican voters Monday reflecting their preference for a GOP nominee in 2024. Donald Trump is leading with 42% followed by Governor DeSantis at 24%, and Mike Pence tied with Nikki Haley at 7%. Last in the poll is Liz Cheney at 2%, tied with Skim Milk.

President Biden completed his West Coast swing after signing a nuclear submarine deal in San Diego with Australia and England and a fundraiser in Vegas. While Joe was out West it appeared the banking situation is getting serious. I just got a note from my bank and they want their toaster back.

East Palestine residents woke up to the noise of another crash today. They were so relieved to find out it was just the bank.

Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank. Give a man a bank and he can rob everybody

March Madness used to be about college basketball. Now it's about getting Trump.

-- Argus Hamilton

Polly Ticks:
Thanks, Pookie.

Ciao Pookie, thanks for the toons!

Thank you Pookie

Cyber Liberty:
Thanks for the Monday Toons and Argus Extras, Pookie!  I hope you had a great weekend!!


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