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VIDEO: Liberals Already Melting Down Over Trump Waco Rally



--- Quote ---The President Donald Trump Waco rally hasn't even started yet but the liberals are already whining about it. It is the kickoff to his 2024 campaign so expect the whining by liberals to intensify as the economy tanks even more as frustration with Sleepy Joe continues gaining momentum.
--- End quote ---

Smokin Joe:
I am really sick of Leftists whining away in apocalyptic terms.

The world is going to end (again) in just 10 years!

Trump is amassing an ARMY! To get even for a Leftist massacre of a relatively obscure Church Group! (Or was it the Bikers at Twin Peaks?)

January 6th was worse than Hiroshima and Nagasaki put together!

What ever it is it will change everything FOREVER!

But where is the violence coming from? Who is burning and looting and even killing people?

Can we just slap them back to their senses, or would there be nothing left it we tried?

Because if the Right had ever done even half of what the left is hand wringing over, there would be no Left to complain.

There was already a LONG line of Trump supporters standing in line and waiting to gain access to the venue,hours before it was scheduled to begin.

And I SERIOUSLY doubt ANY of them was paid to be there.


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