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Texas Border Town Cops Find Migrants Stuffed in Suitcases

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Texas Border Town Cops Find Migrants Stuffed in Suitcases
RANDY CLARK22 Mar 2023197
EAGLE PASS, Texas – Local police arrested a human smuggler after discovering two migrants crammed into luggage in the suspect’s vehicle. The 23-year-old suspected smuggler from San Antonio was accompanied by her five-month-old infant. The bust occurred on Saturday afternoon near the Rio Grande.

Police initially noticed a suspicious vehicle at Jando Guedea Park in the afternoon hours. Officers stopped the vehicle after the driver committed a motor vehicle infraction. Police interviewed the driver identified as Brianna Nicole Starkes. Police say she appeared nervous and gave inconsistent answers. Police were reportedly then given permission to search the beige Kia Soul.

Officers noticed suitcases in the vehicle. One was located next to the five-month-old infant secured in a car seat. A second suitcase sat in the rear cargo compartment. According to Eagle Pass Police Chief Federico Garza, the officer conducting the search noticed movement within the suitcase.


Smokin Joe:
Drop 'em off at the airport and let Sam What's is name take 'em...

Unclaimed baggage???


--- Quote from: BellyAche on March 23, 2023, 01:23:30 pm ---Unclaimed baggage???

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Would Sam Brinton steal it?


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