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Biden will let California lead on electric trucks, despite industry protest

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Timber Rattler:

--- Quote ---The Biden administration will approve new California rules to cut tailpipe pollution and phase out sales of diesel-burning trucks, according to three people briefed on the plans, a move that could jump-start the nation’s transition to electric-powered trucks and help communities harmed by diesel pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency intends to grant California “waivers” to enforce environmental rules that are significantly tougher than federal requirements and that state regulators have already approved, said these individuals, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the announcement was not yet public.

The new policies could have a profound effect on the air Californians breathe. Heavy-duty trucks account for nearly a third of the state’s smog-forming nitrogen oxide and more than a quarter of its fine particle pollution from diesel fuel. Both of these harmful pollutants are linked to asthma, other respiratory illnesses and premature death. Environmental advocates on behalf of Black and Latino Californians, who are more likely to live near ports, huge warehouse complexes and major highways, have long pleaded with the state’s regulators to strengthen pollution limits on the trucks whose fumes waft through their neighborhoods. Climate activists have echoed these demands.

The rules could also have national significance. Six other states, which together with California represent about 20 percent of the nation’s heavy-duty vehicle sales, have already committed to follow California’s tougher standards. But because of the way the Clean Air Act works, California and those other states cannot put their plans into action until the EPA grants the state a waiver.

“This is a critical market signal,” said Matt Petersen, who heads the nonprofit Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator and leads a regional project to slash the greenhouse gas emissions from shipping and logistics operations in Southern California. “Goods movement is a huge part of our economy here … yet it’s the single largest source of air pollution between the trucks and trains and ships,” he said. “Now we need to get the charging infrastructure in place, we need to get the trucks on the road, and we need to get the domestic supply chain in place.”

California’s new policies include stricter pollution limits for heavy-duty vehicles — such as delivery vans, garbage trucks and 18-wheelers — that require them to cut emissions of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter. These rules would apply to vehicles beginning with the 2024 model year, three years ahead of the administration’s latest regulations, which start with the model year 2027.

Another rule sets new sales requirements for truck makers. Beginning next year, manufacturers will have to sell increasing percentages of zero-emission trucks, buses and vans annually, eventually reaching a target of selling all-electric or hydrogen fuel-cell trucks by 2045. State officials estimate the rule would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 307 million metric tons by 2050.
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California should be restricted so that it cannot impose limitations that are greater than those at the federal level.  Not doing so permits the California tail to wag the U.S. dog on emissions and allows California to control the economies of the other 49 states, in violation of the spirit of the commerce clause.

Next move for Cali is to ban diesel powered locomotives.

Time move shipping out of Cali and close their POE.  Texas, Lousiana, FL, and the carolinias will welcom truckers who burn diesel fuel.

Add this to the list of other California disasters ... wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, riots, Governor Gavin Newsom


--- Quote from: DefiantMassRINO on March 21, 2023, 03:42:53 pm ---Add this to the list of other California disasters ... wildfires, mudslides, earthquakes, riots, Governor Gavin Newsom

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Earthquakes will be especially interesting since the infrastructual impacts will reek havoc on the electrical grid.  This will amount to not having any IC engines to do any respone, cleanup, or rebuilding.

They basically will turn a recovery that normally takes a few years into decade(s). If at all


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