Author Topic: Democrats Engage In Perfectly Legal Corruption.. Derek Hunter  (Read 122 times)

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Democrats Engage In Perfectly Legal Corruption
Derek Hunter

“How could this happen?” they always ask when things go sideways. Regulators, government officials, somehow “missed” what is easy to see in hindsight. Of course, it never has anything to do with missing something – people will always miss what they aren’t looking for – and everything to do with incompetence and corruption. In the case of the federal government and Silicon Valley Bank (and, honestly, damn near everything else), it’s also perfectly legal corruption committed in plain sight.

People do wonder how it was that the Treasury Secretary missed the current issues in the banking industry. It is, after all, Janet Yellen’s job to monitor banks to prevent them from getting anywhere close to collapse individually, let alone as an industry. How did she miss it?

The answer is simple: she didn’t care.

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