Author Topic: Texas Will Take Over Failing Houston School District, Prompting Backlash  (Read 293 times)

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The education battle is not just a struggle of conservative versus liberal values in the classroom, although that is an important component of it and a reason for parents to remain vigilant. It is also about the quality of education.

In Texas, the state government is currently in a tug-of-war with one school district in a struggle over education quality in Houston, the state’s most populous city.

As the Texas Tribune reports, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) confirmed that it’s moving ahead with plans to remove the Houston Independent School District (ISD) school board and superintendent.

Since the year 2000, TEA has made this move periodically with struggling school districts. But the decision to dissolve the school board for Houston ISD has shocked observers because of its scope — with 276 schools and 200,000 students, this will be the biggest school district TEA has ever taken over.
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