Author Topic: Florida Resigns from ERIC – Cause for Celebration or for a Closer Look?  (Read 356 times)

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The Post & Email by Kat Stansell 3/16/2023

Monday, March 6, Florida Secretary of State Cord Byrd announced that Florida was resigning from ERIC, the phantom address storage system. Just one week before, he had told some of the state’s citizens who had proven ERIC’s foibles to Tallahassee – that they should “just forget it”, that Florida was “never going to get out of ERIC”. Across the state, in a number of counties, there had been a rising movement to hold county Supervisors of Election responsible for the bad addresses on the rolls, and to get out of ERIC. However, Tallahassee still loved ERIC, and they made that clear.

Why the sudden change? Did state officials get the message?

LOL, as they say. Suuuure. We scared the pants off of them –only in our dreams.

Remember, ERIC is a Leftist-designed and built system of artificial intelligence which gathers all data on every state resident. Addresses proven bad by the USPS were stored there along with the addresses of legitimate registered voters. At the end of January, it was proven by the citizens’ group that there were 885,000 undeliverable addresses on the Florida rolls in every county. That was when Cord Byrd had assured them that Tallahassee “loves ERIC”, “we just use it a little differently”. To weeks later, they changed their minds? I’m thinking not.

Then, something else suspicious occurred. On the same day as Florida had announced the end of their love affair with ERIC, West Virginia’s and Missouri’s Secretaries of State announced their states were resigning as well. My radar went up. No amount of pressure from citizen groups or articles on the internet was going to cause three states’ simultaneous withdrawals. The resignations from ERIC were not what they seem at first glance.

Here is what I suspect.

The annual meeting of all of our secretaries of state occurred in DC in mid-February. I believe that it is quite possible that the group agreed on a new approach to replace or sanitize the ERIC system, and the unexpected announcements were a part of that. Makes sense, if you consider the NASS agenda and speakers, detailed below.