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TEXIT: Bill to put Texas independence referendum on ballot referred to state House committee


Free Vulcan:
The Texas Independence Referendum Act, also known as "TEXIT," was assigned to committee earlier this week, and the leader of the Texas independence movement is looking forward to public testimony as a platform for the voice of the people to make itself heard.

HB 3596 is "headed to the State Affairs Committee in the Texas House," noted Daniel Miller, president of the 440,000-member Texas Nationalist Movement, "and we're looking forward to having it scheduled for testimony and letting the public speak and say with one loud voice that at a minimum, whether you agree with TEXIT or disagree, Texans should have a vote on the issue."

Introduced by Republican state Rep. Bryan Slaton on the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo March 6, the bill would, if passed, "place a referendum on the ballot during the next general election, allowing the people of Texas to vote on whether or not the State should investigate the possibility of Texas independence, and present potential plans to the Legislature," Slaton wrote on Twitter.

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