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Inside Our Most Popular Collections
« on: March 17, 2023, 12:12:40 pm »
Internet Archive

From audiobooks to zines and papyrus to podcasts, the Internet Archive is chock-full of weird and wonderful digital ephemera. While some of these finds aren't well known, many of our items have passionate fans and devoted admirers. Here are a few of our most beloved collections!

The Software Library

Sometimes you just need to sit back and relax with a vintage video game. While our software library contains thousands of programs from throughout computer history, our historic computer games are by far the most popular items. Visit the '70s by exploring old arcade games, boot up some '90s nostalgia with these MS-DOS games, or relive the early 2000s with our Flash collection!

The Grateful Dead Collection

Pioneering rock band The Grateful Dead became famous for its psychedelic style, instrumental jams, and memorable live performances—which they allowed fans to freely tape, copy, and share. More than five decades after the band was founded, thousands of these recordings are available on the Internet Archive for Deadheads everywhere to enjoy!

The Old Time Radio Collection

Before the advent of cell phones, computers, or even TV screens, broadcast media was dominated by the radio. For decades, radio shows were among the most popular forms of entertainment, with several programs that still resonate through pop culture today—including Gunsmoke, Dragnet, and The Adventures of Superman. Our Old Time Radio collection contains thousands of episodes for your listening pleasure!

Genealogy Resources

Ever wondered where your family came from? Want to learn more about your roots? Our Genealogy Collection is a popular resource for thousands of family history researchers. From census records to ship passenger manifests and heraldic crests to high school yearbooks, our collection contains countless stories waiting to be discovered.

We hope you find many more things to love as you explore our collections. Enjoy the archive!

-The Internet Archive Team

Much More at link.