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Legislation Filed in Texas to Allow for Recalling US Senators


Texas Scorecard by  Emily Wilkerson   | March 16, 2023

A new bill would help to recall senators who don’t serve the state’s best interest.

As many grow more concerned with the federal government’s encroachments on state sovereignty, Republican State Rep. Brian Harrison of Midlothian has filed a new bill that would amend the state election code by creating a recall provision for United States senators.

According to House Bill 5065, in order to restore the original constitutional design that U.S. senators serve the best interests of the state, senators would be subject to a recall if there is a majority vote in each chamber of the Texas legislature.

Harrison says he filed the bill because senators have become beholden to D.C. special interests and disregard the state they serve.

“Our founders intended U.S. senators to represent the interests of the sovereign states and safeguard against federal overreach,” Harrison told Texas Scorecard. “Unfortunately, since the 17th Amendment, many have become beholden to D.C. special interests and complicit in the erosion of liberty and acceleration of America’s move to a post-constitutional era, where unelected bureaucrats write and enforce law by edict. We must empower Texans to ensure our U.S. senators serve the best interest of the State of Texas.”


Smokin Joe:
I'd like to see that for every State, short of repealing the 17th Amendment.

Good luck, Texas.  But the Supreme Court won't allow it.


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