Author Topic: House Democrats anoint ‘so-called’ member of Congress to sabotage hearings, trash whistleblowers By  (Read 68 times)

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 House Democrats anoint ‘so-called’ member of Congress to sabotage hearings, trash whistleblowers
By Miranda Devine   
March 15, 2023 10:26pm

Now that Democrats are in the minority in the House and unable to abuse their power as easily as they have for the last two years, they are resorting to shameless lies to sabotage oversight hearings and trash whistleblowers and other inconvenient witnesses.

As queen of this disinformation operation, they have anointed a little-known Democrat named Stacey Plaskett, who is not even a full-fledged member of Congress.

Plaskett’s favorite adjective is “so-called,” which is ironic since she is a so-called member of Congress.

She does not have voting rights as the “at-large” delegate for the US Virgin Islands.

Yet she is a ranking member of the Select Subcommittee on Weaponization of the Federal Government, the first time a nonvoting delegate has occupied such a lofty post.

Fresh from besmirching two independent journalists, Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger, as “so-called journalists” who endangered people’s lives by exposing Twitter’s censorship regime, Plaskett and her colleague in dirty work, New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, are attacking FBI whistleblowers.

In a 316-page, unauthorized report full of falsehoods and deceptively edited quotes from heroic FBI Agent Steve Friend’s confidential testimony to the committee last month, Plaskett and Nadler derided him as a “so-called” whistleblower.

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