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Here is your thread for baseball chat for the 2023 season.

MLB official site:


Photo borrowed from @jmyrlefuller thread from last year.

This called strike to end the game is the most atrocious call I've ever seen in my life. It got the ump suspended indefinitely.

Hamilton Porter  ยทยท  Mar 12, 2023

If you're a baseball fan, prepare to get angry. I defy you to watch this video of the ending of the Miss. Valley State-New Orleans game yesterday and not get heated:

--- End quote ---

The umpire clearly did not like being questioned on the previous call.  But his actions on the next pitch were clearly an abuse of power.  Had I been the catcher, I would have intentionally dropped the ball and allowed the runner to reach first base, forcing the umpire to continue the game.

Flashback from '97.  (Yes, more bad calls going against the Braves)

@Polly Ticks

Thanks @Hoodat !

It kind of slipped away from me.

Polly Ticks:
FYI ... One year of free MLB.TV is coming to T-Mobile Tuesday on 3/28.


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