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Mastriano, unchastened, says he is weighing a Senate run

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Timber Rattler:

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Doug Mastriano lost the Pennsylvania governor’s race last year by double digits, an almost unheard-of shellacking in a battleground state where winners and losers are often separated by a single percentage point.

But another way to look at the election — the way the ultra-MAGA retired Army colonel-turned-state senator looks at it — is that he converted millions of voters to his cause and can now strategize, politically, about how to use them.

“What do you do with a movement of 2.2 million?” he told POLITICO on a recent day in his office in the state capitol. “We’re keeping it alive.”

In a sit-down interview, Mastriano, who rarely speaks with the mainstream media, made it clear that he is not finished with his quest to win higher office and transform the Republican Party along the way. He said he is “praying” about whether to go forward with a potential Senate run in 2024. After God, his wife, Rebbie, will have the final word he said

“We’ve seen people in the past, other Republican gubernatorial candidates, they rise and they disappear when they lose. Why?” he asked. “You have people that love you and support you.”

If he pulls the trigger, Mastriano would run in a primary for the right to take on Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, an institutional figure in the state. Virtually no one in the Pennsylvania GOP establishment is eager for that matchup. But Mastriano said Casey is a letdown to the anti-abortion cause. Casey’s father, former Gov. Robert Casey Sr., signed abortion regulations into law that went all the way to a landmark Supreme Court case, where they were largely kept intact.
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Guess he wants to lose badly, again...

He didn't run a very good campaign. I'm not familiar enough with the Pa. GOP to suggest a more viable candidate, though.


--- Quote from: mountaineer on March 08, 2023, 01:23:49 am ---He didn't run a very good campaign. I'm not familiar enough with the Pa. GOP to suggest a more viable candidate, though.

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According to the people who wrote the book pictured below he's just another snake in the grass.

Timber Rattler:
Hoopes and Stenstrom don't know what they are talking about, and I would take anything they say or claim with a big heaping grain of salt.  Hoopes in fact is just plain nuts.  I had some direct interaction with her during the last election, and she's hysterical, self-defeating, and impossible to deal with.

Mastriano is a personal friend of mine, whom I knew before he entered politics, and I can say with all certainty that he's the real deal.  As for his campaign, he got ZERO support from the National Republican Party and the Republican Governors Association, both of which preferred having Shapiro in office rather than Doug.  As a result, Doug had to run his campaign based on small donor contributions, amounting to only a few million $$$$, which Shapiro dwarfed with his $75 million straight from the coffers of the DNC and liberal front groups.  Doug still got 2.2 million votes, a record for any Republican candidate for governor over the past 60 year.  So that's what he's trying to build on, rather than quietly fading away in the dark and letting those votes count for nothing.

Doug did an after action review here in which he laid out the good, the bad, and the ugly of the election here:


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