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UN orders world governments to ‘end free speech’

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--- Quote from: jafo2010 on March 31, 2023, 01:05:15 am ---Those bills failed because the Uni-party fully supports globalism. 

The sovereignty of the USA is gone.  Been gone.  Any of you believing otherwise are delusional. 

The republic is dead.  The corrupt Democommie Party will once again play with the ONES AND ZEROES and blatantly fix another election.  The scope of fixed elections I believe is broad.  And the Republicans will remain silent because they are in on the fix.  There are exceptions, but they do not lead the Republican Party.

Even Glen Beck, who is often outspoken is reluctant to say the election was fixed.  The people in power would line you up and shoot you given the opportunity.  We are but a couple small steps from that moment in time.

Even now, how many of you are reluctant to express yourself to others like you used to do 20 years ago?  How many of you bite your tongue believing you might be attacked to say what you think?  Don't you realize that this was how life was in the USSR, and even now in Putin's Russia.  We are becoming a totalitarian country exactly like Russia/former USSR.  EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!

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Nah... The sovereignty of this republic is in the People and in the States. There is still nullification. there is still coalition of governors. It is dire, no doubt, but not all hope is lost. However, the swings that we take at it now have got to count. Every one. And we have to get busy with it, and stop being distracted by drama and shiny sh*t.

And while I can't tell you about others I say what I mean, without much for filters. And that is only gonna get worse.  happy77


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