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PA governor says ‘no contingency plan’ to replace Fetterman despite fitness concerns


PA governor says ‘no contingency plan’ to replace Fetterman despite fitness concerns
March 1, 2023 | Chris Donaldson

With questions swirling about Senator John Fetterman’s political future after the newly elected lawmaker was hospitalized for depression last month, Pennsylvania’s Democrat governor said that there are no plans to replace him despite ongoing concerns over his fitness for the stressful position that he now holds.

Despite obvious health issues as a result of a stroke that he suffered prior to the state’s primary that many believe should have spurred him to withdraw from the race, the hulking, tattooed, hoodie-clad leftist was able to bamboozle enough voters to win November’s election against Trump-endorsed celebrity physician Dr. Mehment Oz to replace retiring Sen. Pat Toomey, largely due to the media which portrayed him as a heroic figure even if ample evidence suggested that his candidacy was problematic.

But the reality of the matter is that Fetterman is unwell and was hospitalized for two days in early February after he felt lightheaded and, shortly thereafter, checked into Walter Reed Army Medical Center to be treated for depression where he has remained incommunicado for the last two weeks with his office saying that he “remains on a path to recovery,” without providing any further details.

On Monday, Governor Josh Shapiro sat down with NBC News for an interview during which he sought to allay concerns over Fetterman’s deteriorating health and dismissed the possibility of a special election to allow Pennsylvanians to rectify their mistake in sending a mentally incapacitated man to Washington D.C. as their representative for the next six years.


B.S.  They just don't want to disclose whom the preferred replacement is.

Imagine that, a Dem Governor telling the lame-stream liberal media that he has no plans to replace a hobbled Dem Senator.

I'm sure there's a short list written on a Dunkin Donuts napkin in the Governor's safe, but he won't tell.


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