Author Topic: Pennsylvania Democrats take back state House control with three special election wins  (Read 499 times)

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Pennsylvania Democrats won a trio of state House special elections Tuesday night, handing them a clear majority.

The victories give Democrats the upper hand in a chamber that has seesawed in control since the November elections, resulting in a bipartisan "independent" speaker arrangement that quickly went sour. But with Tuesday's wins, the Democratic Party now is in a stronger position to block GOP-led initiatives, including a potential anti-abortion ballot measure.


All three districts encompass suburbs of Pittsburgh and other areas of Allegheny County, in the southwestern part of the state. President Joe Biden carried all three districts in the 2020 election by at least 16 percentage points.

The three Democrats who had previously held the seats all technically won re-election in November (DeLuca, who defeated his opponent, could not be removed from the ballot, because he died within weeks of the election), giving Democrats a temporary 102-101 majority in the chamber for the first time more than a decade. But because of DeLuca’s death and the resignations of Lee and Davis in December, the GOP actually eked out the current majority, with 101 seats to the Democrats’ 99.
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That's a shame.

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Weird wrote:
"Abortion will hand the country to the Democrats."

Dobbs was a Pyrrhic victory at most -- as I predicted in this forum several times before the decision was handed down. Perhaps folks on the right are coming to understand that it has re-energized the left to an extent that the right never imagined was possible.

But what's going to be even worse is the coming decision (in June) from the Supreme Court on the Students For Fair Admissions v. Harvard case that will end affirmative action for blacks, at least in higher education (and perhaps on a wider basis). Mark my words.

But having said that...
Pennsylvania has been a "state in flux" for a long time. It was crucial for the Republican victory of 2016, and again for their loss in 2020.

The dem-communists seem to have won the battle of "tipping it over" to the blue.
With a well-established "underground election apparatus" in place that has yet to be challenged (and probably will not be) -- I don't see the Republicans winning a national election there again.

Without Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump (or Mr. DeSantis) is going to have a VERY difficult pathway to winning in 2024.