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NY Times signals Kamala that her White House ambitions are hopeless

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Operation ‘Dump Kamala’ Is Officially On

Powerline Posted on February 6, 2023 by Steven Hayward

Operation ‘Dump Kamala’ Is Officially On

I like to say that I read the New York Times so that you don’t have to (plus I can claim an online subscription as a tax deduction, which helps), but today is one of those days you wish you had a subscription for the amazing “news” feature on the dismal future prospects of Kamala Harris. Here’s the hed:

The resulting article is stunning in its negative portrayal of Harris:

    But the painful reality for Ms. Harris is that in private conversations over the last few months, dozens of Democrats in the White House, on Capitol Hill and around the nation — including some who helped put her on the party’s 2020 ticket — said she had not risen to the challenge of proving herself as a future leader of the party, much less the country. Even some Democrats whom her own advisers referred reporters to for supportive quotes confided privately that they had lost hope in her.

    Through much of the fall, a quiet panic set in among key Democrats about what would happen if President Biden opted not to run for a second term. Most Democrats interviewed, who insisted on anonymity to avoid alienating the White House, said flatly that they did not think Ms. Harris could win the presidency in 2024. Some said the party’s biggest challenge would be finding a way to sideline her without inflaming key Democratic constituencies that would take offense.

    Now with Mr. Biden appearing all but certain to run again, the concern over Ms. Harris has shifted to whether she will be a political liability for the ticket.

I imagine Dan Quayle and the ghost of Spiro Agnew are smiling right now.


Poor kamala sutra.

Reminds me of a Bob Dylan song (that was never released on an "official" album):
"I'd hate to be you on that dreadful day"


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