Author Topic: Virginia Senate Votes Today On Bill To Put Abortion Until Birth In State Constitution  (Read 595 times)

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Virginia Senate Votes Today On Bill To Put Abortion Until Birth In State Constitution

On Feb. 6, the Senate will vote on a ‘Right to Abortion Amendment’ that would make abortion a ‘fundamental right’ in the commonwealth.

FEBRUARY 06, 2023

Just after Virginia Democrats used their state Senate majority to block multiple pro-life bills, Virginians filled the streets of their capital city last week in the first statewide pro-life march since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

This Monday and Tuesday, Virginia lawmakers will vote on a handful of life bills. Feb. 7 marks “crossover day,” with each house concluding action on legislation aside from budget bills.

On Feb. 6, the Senate will vote on SJ 255, a “Right to Abortion Amendment” that would make abortion a “fundamental right” in the commonwealth. This state constitutional amendment would allow abortion to be performed until birth and require taxpayers to pay for it. The amendment would be codified into law if it passes both chambers for two consecutive years and then passes a statewide ballot referendum. It would effectively nullify any pro-life laws in the state, including those Republicans are trying to pass this session.

The Born Alive Abortion Survivor bill, sponsored by Del. Nick Freitas, R-Culpeper, would require every health care provider performing an abortion to provide the same level of care to an infant who survives the procedure as one born at a similar gestational age. Del. Karen Greenhalgh, R-Virginia Beach, is sponsoring a “right to know” act, which would impose civil and criminal penalties on any abortion provider who does not obtain informed written consent from a woman prior to the procedure.

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