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Count Out Trump at Your Peril... Kurt Schlichter

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Count Out Trump at Your Peril

Kurt Schlichter
 |  Feb 06, 2023

Since its low energy announcement a few months ago, the 2024 Donald Trump presidential campaign has been a non-stop clusterfark of dinner dates with neo-Nazis, cavorting with the Conservative, Inc., likes of Lindsey Graham, disappointing fundraising, relitigating the 2020 election, and generating lame nicknames for a rival who is right on his Gucci’s heels. For his fans, it has been a festival of cognitive dissonance, as the OnlyTrumpers shriek that RON DESANTIS LOVES PAUL RYAN! and then excuse the photos of Trump literally endorsing Paul Ryan as some sort of 4-D chess or a cunning ploy to “keep his enemies closer.” On social media, there are a lot of conservatives who appreciate what he did and also wish his aging rear-end would haul off into retirement. His recent behavior, including a steady drumbeat of semi-coherent Truth Social declarations, indicates that there is no “New Trump,” and only someone who has failed to pay attention for the last nearly eight years could expect a reimagining from this nearly 80-year-old icon.

And yet, you have to be nuts to count him out for 2024.

After all, he is Donald Trump, and the thing about Donald Trump – beyond the bluster and baloney and endless drama – is that he is often right when everyone else is wrong, and he often wins after everyone counts him out.


Maj. Bill Martin:

--- Quote ---They appreciate the hell he put himself through to save the country....
--- End quote ---

Or to satisfy his own ego.  It's not like he clearly isn't enjoying the hell out of himself at his rallies, or battling it out on social media, etc..  He thinks that stuff is fun, and it makes his golden years infinitely more interesting and exciting than if he was just managing his business operations.

So I don't buy the whole "look at the sacrifices he's made" line.  He loves this crap.

Cyber Liberty:
Bear in mind that Kurt doesn't like Trump...

Maj. Bill Martin:

--- Quote from: Cyber Liberty on February 06, 2023, 07:52:48 pm ---Bear in mind that Kurt doesn't like Trump...

--- End quote ---

I'm not much of a fan of either.  Schlichter never met an over the top adjective or metaphor he didn't like.

   If Stormy didn't kill that Germophobe, nothing can.


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