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Ethics complaint filed against Sen. Kyrsten Sinema over staff tasks


Axios by Sareen Habeshian 2/4/2023

Thirteen advocacy groups filed a complaint with the Senate Ethics Committee this week, requesting an investigation into Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I-Ariz.) and allegations about tasks she requires of her staff.

Driving the news: In a letter first reported by The Hill, Sinema is accused of requiring her Senate staff to "conduct a wide variety of activities unrelated to their job responsibilities," including personal errands, household tasks at her private residence and advancing their own money for her personal purchases.

    The allegations are based on a 37-page memo reported by The Daily Beast in December, which allegedly served as a scheduling guide from Sinema to her staff.

Zoom in: The letter alleges that Sinema required her staff to schedule her physical therapy and massage sessions, and to manage her dietary schedule.



A multi-front attack on Sinema (probably coordinated) in their efforts to oust her and put that freaking disaster called Ruben Gallego in.

Too bad our side isn't so precise and surgical in our war with our political enemies who go turncoat.

Have not seen much on this.

Anyone know anything ?


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