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(Updates on Senate) Senate Democrats kill Gov. Glenn Youngkin-backed bill on school awards in Virgin


Senate Democrats kill Gov. Glenn Youngkin-backed bill on school awards in Virginia
Washington Times, Feb 3, 2023

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginia Senate Democrats this week voted down a priority measure for Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin that would have required student and parental notification about certain scholastic awards.

Youngkin sought the legislation in response to concerns about how some northern Virginia school districts delayed recognizing student achievements on a standardized test.

The legislation would have prohibited any school or school employee from withholding information that relates to recognition or awards earned by the student, or information that may affect the student’s admission to an institution of higher education.

Democrats on the Senate Education and Health Committee argued in a hearing Thursday that there was little reason to think the northern Virginia school districts’ mistakes were intentional. They raised concerns about including such specific language in the state code.

Sen. Chap Petersen said he believed the bill was an effort to turn the matter into a political issue.

The measure sponsored by Sen. Siobhan Dunnavant was voted down 8-7, with one Democrat, Sen. Jeremy McPike, joining Republicans on the committee in backing it.

Youngkin told TV station WJLA after Thursday’s vote that the issue was “just a matter of common sense.”

“I don’t understand how anybody could object to the idea that when a student receives an award or an accolade that they are informed about it, and that this is just a matter of common sense. And I do believe that our General Assembly eventually will come around to common sense,” he said.

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Greg Price

Here is a list of proposed bills that Virginia Democrats have used their majority in the State Senate to block in this session of the state legislature.

There is an election coming up in November and this Virginia resident will be voting against them.

12:58 PM · Feb 17, 2023

"Sold Kids Out’: Democrats Vote In Support Of Schools Keeping Gender Transition Secret From Parents
Daily Caller, Feb 16, 2023

Virginia Democrats voted Thursday to block Sage’s Law, a parental rights bill named after a victim of human trafficking, in the state Senate’s Education and Health Committee.

Lawmakers in the state House approved the bill on Feb. 7 after Sage’s mother Michele gave tearful testimony detailing how her daughter’s school kept Sage’s decision to identify as a boy hidden, even after the 14-year-old was raped and assaulted in the boy’s bathroom. Later, Sage was separated from her family, placed in a children’s home for boys and sex-trafficked twice as her parents fought for custody of their daughter. Sage now identifies as a girl again.

"Today Democrats told Sage her courage didn’t matter and they were were fine with the horrific abuse she endured happening to other kids. Sage’s Law had very good chances of passing the full Senate, but Democrats on the Education committee sold kids out. They cared more about their own political future than about protecting children from harm,” Laura Hanford, a Virginia parental rights advocate told the Daily Caller.

Sage’s law requires that parents be notified if their child socially transitions to another gender, prohibits teachers from hiding that transition and clarifies that “misgendering” does not qualify as child abuse.

All nine Democrats on the committee voted against the bill, and all six Republicans voted for it.


Will post updates on Senate obstruction here .....


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