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Student appeals trespassing conviction for handing out copies of Constitution


WND By Alexa Schwerha Daily Caller News Foundation 1/28/2023

'Universities are supposed to be the epicenter of the marketplace of ideas'

Liberty Justice Center (LJC), a “national free speech law firm,” filed an appeal against Arizona State University (ASU) Thursday after a former student was convicted of trespassing by handing out copies of the Constitution on campus, according to Friday’s press release.

Tim Tizon, a now-former Arizona State University student, was arrested in March 2022 after he refused to stop passing out pamphlets of the United States constitution at ASU Tempe’s campus on behalf of the libertarian student organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL), the press release explained. He is appealing the conviction at Maricopa County Circuit Court and is represented pro bono by LJC.

Tizon was a student at the time of the arrest, YAL and the law firm confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation.




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