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Single women are shopping for 'husband material' at Home Depot

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Free Vulcan:

All the single ladies are going on a shopping spree – at Home Depot. Vying for a chance to meet an eligible bachelor among the aisles of hardwood, screwdrivers and nails, the women of TikTok have discovered the perfect spot to window shop for single men.

“Delete the dating apps in 2023,” content creator Breanna Nichols advised in a clip with over 24,000 views. “I’m headed to Home Depot to ‘look confused’ in the lumber aisle.”

While the dating strategy gives some people hope they’ll find a soul mate, some taken women watching from afar are aghast.


This made me smile.


Looking for rednecks and blue collar boys...

Handy folks with jobs and skills...

It's a good angle.

But they're going during the day and on the weekend, when the pickins are sure to be slim. The real men are in and gone with their morning coffee... At the job by 9, and doing something else on the weekend.

Most good ole boys want a woman that knows what she is doing at Home Depot (or at least looks like she has held a ladder in her life). Looks only get you so far.

“If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.”


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