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Nope! Do NOT want your birth date or any other actual "tool" that could help someone identify you,but am curious about how many geezers we have here,verus how many puppies we have.

Maybe one of you with a more organized mind than me might even create a list that is visual,like a bar graph or some other device that lists the most active versus the least active age group.

Obvious we geezers are going to dominate that list because we don't work and don't have much else to do,but it should still show some interesting results.

Maybe even someone will want to modify the list to show gender,occupation,either active or retired from,and GENERAL location,such as Northeast,Northwest,etc,etc,etc.

If interested,posters could maybe post their hobbies or occupations as long as that didn't somehow expose their identities.

I will start this off by stating I am in my 7th decade.

Wanted to add "of excellence",but that's a lie even I can't tell anymore.

Have worked as a deck hand on a shrimp boat,and been involved in various other fishing activities. Other than being at sea,which I LOVED,I hated it all but did it because that was what my family did,and children worked to help their familes.

Joined the army at age 17,and got a medical discharge 7 years later thanks to serving in VN.

Have worked as bodyguard,machinist,gunsmith,carpenter,auto mechanic,Harley mechanic,and anything else I had to do  to stay fed and housed,although a few times I ended up living in a van in the woods until I could do better.

Ended up retiring from the USPS as a letter carrier after 5+ years because Agent Orange came back to visit me,and the USPS was not willing to work with me on that.

Retired now,and somehow or another don't owe a single damn dime on anything but a new car I had to buy to make sure I would get to doctor appointments. My 300 dollar Ranger pu died on me 3 times in a row will driving to town to make a Dr appointment,so I finally just bit the bullet and bought a new 4 cylinder Camry. Mostly because I could not find a single 4 cylinder white Toyota pu at any dealership within 100 miles. The few I could find would be maxed out V-6 4X4's that seemed to be jacked up in the air,and were selling for over 30 grand.

Still wish I was driving the Ranger,though. 300 dollar pu's take the worry out of parking anywhere.

Old and dirt.

Grew up when telephones were rotary dialed...and at a time when Ma Bell had "party lines"...neighbor could listen in to your phone calls.

No such thing as area codes.  The operator connected you for 'long distance'

I think a lot of us are 39.  wink777

I vote for "younger than springtime."


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