Author Topic: Biden Team Renews ‘Law-Enforcement’ Partnership with Terror Sponsors. Biden and Castroite foxes guar  (Read 56 times)

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Biden Team Renews ‘Law-Enforcement’ Partnership with Terror Sponsors
Biden and Castroite foxes guard the henhouse.
January 25, 2023 by Humberto Fontova 5 Comments


“U.S. sending delegation to Cuba to restart talks on law enforcement,” recently reported Reuters. “U.S. concerns about counterterrorism will be among the subjects addressed, a State Department spokesperson said.

“Trump placed Cuba on the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism shortly before his term ended in January 2021, and the Biden administration has been reviewing this since taking office. The meeting will be the first of its kind since the law- enforcement dialogue, which was started in 2015 under former President Barack Obama, was stopped in 2018 under Trump as he rolled back his predecessor’s historic detente with Communist-ruled Cuba.”

And just how did Obama’s “dialogue” with terror-sponsoring Cuba’s snickering KGB-trained apparatchiks work out, you might ask?

Well: The deepest and most damaging penetration of the U.S. Defense Department by an enemy agent in recent history was pulled off by a spy working for the terror-sponsoring, drug-smuggling Castro regime. The spy’s name is Ana Belen Montes, known as “Castro’s Queen Jewel” in the intelligence community.  In 2002 she was convicted of the same crimes as Ethel and Julius Rosenberg. Montes was recently released from prison after serving 20 years of her 25 year sentence. Only a plea bargain spared her from sizzling in the electric chair like the Rosenbergs.