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Bride Doesn’t Include Wedding Dinner Price In Her Wedding Invites, Is Surprised To See Many Guests C

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By Liucija Adomaite and Kotryna Brašiškytė
10 month ago

It’s entirely up to the newlyweds what their most awaited day in life is gonna be like. But often, they do surprise their guests and not necessarily in a good way with the decisions they make. Like, asking their guests after they already RSVPed to pay for their meals and not understanding why the guests suddenly feel uncomfortable.

Well, this is exactly what happened to one anonymous guest who “received the most beautiful wedding invitation and responded well before the deadline with our choice for dinner and space for two.” The author wrote that a couple of days later, they received a follow-up voice message thanking them for responding and asking them to pay $75 per food per person.

Now the confused guest wants to ask people if “anyone has heard of this happening?” adding that this is not a destination wedding.



Forget the wedding - the marriage will be hell. Get out while you can, bridegroom!

I never heard of such a thing!

You either pay! or don't come!
hmm it's a toss up, i'm thinking about it umm ... give me a minute ...


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