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Biden Admin Clashes with Conservation Groups, Native American Tribes Over Lithium Mines


Legal Insurrection by  Leslie Eastman 1/18/23

Meanwhile, Sweden finds the largest rare earth deposit in Europe….and may now have a government able and willing to develop this resource.

The last time we checked on the Biden Administration energy policy, energy groups pursued lawsuits as the Department of Interior continued its war on the fossil fuel industry.

At least there are enough adults in the current bureaucracy to recognize that foisting green energy on an unwilling public will require lithium for the batteries that power vehicles. Therefore the Biden administration recently gave the thumbs up to a lithium mine.

    A Nevada lithium mine that would be only the second in the US is getting backing from the Biden administration as it seeks to boost the domestic supply of the critical mineral needed to make electric vehicle batteries.

    The Energy Department issued a conditional commitment for up to $700 million for Ioneer Ltd.’s Rhyolite Ridge Lithium-Boron Project, a prospective supplier to Ford Motor Co. and Toyota Motor Corp. that could produce enough lithium for 370,000 electric vehicles a year. Project partners include mining and metals processing group Sibanye Stillwater Ltd.

    The funding, being made through the department’s Advanced Technology Vehicles Manufacturing Loan Program, comes as the Biden administration seeks to create a domestic battery supply chain amid a broader goal of half of vehicles sold in the US by the end of the decade be emissions-free.

However, the administration is now being sued by Native American tribes and conservation groups to halt the project.



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