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Obituaries for 2023

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Jack Russell:

--- Quote from: Gefn on November 26, 2023, 02:00:38 pm ---Mr. Kroft, between you and your brother , and Hanna and Barbera, you made my Saturday mornings as a child.

Rest in Peace, Sir, and thank you.

--- End quote ---

Wow, Munger has died at 99.  Great investor, and recognizer of what I call stealthy eco-trends.....  RIP.

Many, including the Sage himself have said Berkshire would be nothing without him.

@Polly Ticks - good article about Carlton Pearson at World magazine.

Jean Knight dies at 80

Though the New Orleans singer was best-known for her hit "Mr. Big Stuff," an advertising staple, she also recorded a memorable version of the zydeco classic "Toot Toot."

Aw, I loved "Mr. Big Stuff" as a kid.


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